One Month After New Years…….

So it’s one month into the new year and I’m wondering how everyone is doing with their New Year’s resolutions. Did you vow to exercise more or eat healthier? Did you promise not to keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm so that you can get to work earlier and be more productive? Well, if you did resolve to make some sort of change in your life -one month in, why don’t you assess your progress or lack thereof.

I am doing moderately well with my resolve to eat healthier and practice what I preach. I have to work harder so as not to let personal setbacks and road bumps get in the way of the goals I have set for myself. My father had a heart attack last month (thank goodness he is fine now) but that shouldn’t give me free reign to eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner. Well, I didn’t do that- but you get the idea. Then my trip to Florida to see my in-laws, who are rapidly declining in health, did not go well.  Unfortunately, this bad situation prompted a winefest like you’ve never seen.

When life throws us curve balls, we need to swerve so as not to get hit. We may need to re-adjust our plan- but keep going forward. Don’t get hit by the ball. Although my poor eating and drinking choices were offset by copious amounts of exercise, you can’t exercise away a bad diet. When I wasn’t by my father’s hospital bed, I was at the gym or running. One of the highlights of visiting my in-laws was that my husband and I were able to swim laps in their community pool and run outside. With triathlon training approaching, I tested the waters, so to speak, by swimming a continuous half-mile. And then I got sick, a respiratory infection that made it painful to breathe. Non-stop coughing forced me to take a break from cardio for a week. Again, not a reason to engage in an unhealthy eating free-for-all.

So what if you promised yourself that you would work out more and that hasn’t happened? Ask yourself- “What is preventing me from achieving my goals?”  Maybe you are in a fitness rut. If you live on the east coast- are the unending days of sub-zero degree temperature getting to you? Maybe you just need to change things up. If you can afford it- throw in a new fitness class every other week or once a month. Check out what cool fitness classes are in your area.


In my neck of the woods there are many drop-in classes to choose from: Soulcycle (spinning), Zumba, kickboxing, hot yoga (bikram yoga done in a room heated to 105 degrees), swim laps at your local community center, try indoor volleyball, try Crossfit or a boot camp class. Groupon and Living Social are always offering fitness deals.

What if some days you don’t even want to leave the house? Workout at home. There is no excuse!  Try this workout:

5 Rounds

25 air squats
25 pushups
25 sit-ups


Remember, if you haven’t started to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself….. start now. Everyday is a fresh start and a new opportunity to begin your journey. Good luck!